Monday, August 1, 2011

I Met Shane Dawson?!

You see that video?
Do you see it?
I was there. I. Was. There.
That experience will linger with me my entire life. Shane didn't have to come! But he did. His mother was sick, he was dead tired from VidCon, but he cared so much about his fans that he clicked the link and made my... my life. And I know it sounds stupid and awfully fan girl of me, but I guess you can't deny the truth. <3

But the best part hasn't even come up yet -- he even replied to me while he was there! Read it and weep.

You see that?! I was crying. I was shaking. He asked us if we had any questions for him, and  God knows I have a trillion, but all I could rummage out was "I love you."

I know, I know, I'm getting cheesier by the minute. 

He even said he might come back. If he starts to feel better and his mom does too. 

So I guess... I've met Shane Dawson, guys. Sort of. But I'll take it! (: