Thursday, July 28, 2011

prank phone call

Shane Dawson... in 2006... pranking his co-workers. Funny as ever. <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

Minor Things Make Me Crazy

For example, Twitter went batshit crazy earlier today and claimed that everyone did not have any followers and was not following anyone. It was fixed, thank goodness. If I had to track down all the people I follow again that would be just a compilation of time not worth my trouble. XD


I'm staying up until 3 AM my time (12 midnight Shane's time) to be one of the first to wish him a happy birthday, good and proper. I came prepared with a wad of duct tape to keep my eyes open. 

That's called dedication.


I finished my entry for Inspiration. I don't particularly care for it, but hey, I had to turn something in. ;D

Shane Dawson Nominated?!

Hell yes!
Shane Dawson was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, for Choice Web Star.
If you want to vote for him (cuz I know you do... >:| ) Click...

So yeah. Click that up. You have to register, but that's no trouble. Just click "Vote", and he's under the "Other" category. You can vote once daily!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy's Asylum

Yes yes... seems appropriate somehow, eh?
Indeed, I've wanted to try my hand at the asylum challenge for quite a while now. Why not now? So I've got my patients all made up, let the psychiatric expert that looks strikingly like my simself ( >_> ) show you around.

Ah yes, Simmy Crazy, if I were you, I'd be terrified as well. These patients are quite the brew, you've got a task on your hands. But don't worry, you can trust your little Simmy God, perhaps. If I don't decide to throw you all into a fiery inferno, ya never know.

Patient Numero Uno-- Annabelle. Annabelle was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies for attacking a hobo across from Wal-Mart, her reason being said hobo had taken all of her spaghetti and fed it to the local alligator.

Patient Numero Dos-- Kat. Kat was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after she pounced a gentleman in the crowd of a concert in which she was performing at. Doctors confirm a form of mental illness may have caused this outbreak.

 Patient Numero Tres-- True. True was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after declaring to the world he had a mutated arm growing out of his ear. Evidence proves that this was in fact incorrect, and was soon after proclaimed "insane".

Patient Numero Quatro--Betty Sue. Betty Sue was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after commanding one of her father's pigs to take her to town. Her father, worried about these common nonsense she kept bickering about, soon called a local doctor and confirmed that Betty Sue was "freaking crazy and that's about all to it."

Patient Numero Cinco-- Dani. Dani was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after being told that "ghosts do not exist" and proceeded to prove her point that they did by killing her eighty year old grandmother just to see her ghost.

Patient Numero Seis-- Ned. Ned was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after a breakdown due to stress from work. And overload of stress impacted his mind to a state we like to call "The Hell Happened to You."

And last, but not least. Patient Numero Siete-- Xenon. Xenon was issued to Crazy's Asylum of Crazies after he tried to convince a group of terribly frightened eldery that he was "in fact, honest and truly an alien". A doctor pointed out that he obviously just had a rare form of skin disease that caused the skin to have a "green tinge", and it was this disease that caused Xenon's insanity.

So, yes! ^__^ That's what I have done for now, I love the group I have... it's gonna be an interesting bunch. XD

Monday, July 11, 2011

Geez Louise

Why do people post threads telling about their annoyances as if that will do anything? I mean, there was one thread in particular that was doing this today, and it honestly doesn't make sense.

Here's the OP's post, in case you didn't see it already.

Given, the first two things are annoying, but the last one was just plain rude. "And your picture is ugly, btw". Seems like something that would just cause flaming, and if that was her goal, then I suppose she succeeded, but if not... she didn't by far accomplish getting these things to stop, that's like telling your dog to stop peeing on your carpet or something, it just happens, you can't control it.

All this did was spark a humongous argument with the OP's opinions and other opinions of posters in there. A complete waste of time, typing, and thinking.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I know, clever post title, but that's the first thing that popped in my head.
I haven't had an internet connection in what seems like forever, which was probably good for me but I missed it still.
I've been playing a lot of Pokemon here recently, I'm really enjoying it. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to bring you back to your childhood. Sadly, I've almost beat it, it's not a very long game. =/

I never did get Portal 2 to start working, I've concluded my computer is just a piece of crap and can't take it. I want to get it for console, that would be amazing.

Aaaand I know I haven't posted any Sim-related shiz in a while, mostly because I've been busy with Toxic and Inspiration. So, no, I haven't lost interest yet I am still playing them. 

Soooooo, yeah, that's been it. I've decided that from now on, I'll not only post my assignment photos in the tabs located above, but also in posts, so I can get more feedback. I'm really struggling in Toxic, I just can't seem to get it right. >_<

Speaking of, here's the latest assignment entry for Toxic, which I thought was my best in that competition yet, but I still didn't do very well. I'm gonna have to really try harder.