Monday, July 11, 2011

Geez Louise

Why do people post threads telling about their annoyances as if that will do anything? I mean, there was one thread in particular that was doing this today, and it honestly doesn't make sense.

Here's the OP's post, in case you didn't see it already.

Given, the first two things are annoying, but the last one was just plain rude. "And your picture is ugly, btw". Seems like something that would just cause flaming, and if that was her goal, then I suppose she succeeded, but if not... she didn't by far accomplish getting these things to stop, that's like telling your dog to stop peeing on your carpet or something, it just happens, you can't control it.

All this did was spark a humongous argument with the OP's opinions and other opinions of posters in there. A complete waste of time, typing, and thinking.

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