Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Trust a SV Boy

Hello, and welcome back to Tonie's little life. No, I had not forgotten about her like so many of you may have thought (very rude of you for thinking so, by the way.) Now, I haven't done muuuuch, but I've done enough for now. Thought it was about time to prove you all wrong, har har.
Firstly! An image that has nothing at all to do with Tonie--but rather something that freaked me out and partly amused me. That's my simself--or was. O_o
You see, I had to age her down to a toddler for a modeling competition. I failed to notice, however, that she was sitting on the couch when I did this, and you see what became of her.
Cheats are your friend.

In other words, more about Tonie, I did give her premade house a much needed facelift. My decorating skills aren't quite up to par, but it beats EA shit for sure.
And that's enough of that, says I. It's okay, it's livable, what more could you want? Sheesh.
Anyone recognize this fellow? No, probably not. He was bashed in the head with CC, and put under the knife. Just a bit, just a bit, but he was. This is none other than Hank Goddard! I say I did pretty well myself--and it's my opinion that matters anyway. Now see, he's got his flirty face on... and--
--So did she! My, my, I did what any other Sim God would do, and I did my magic clicks and commanded her to ask Hank if he would care to spend the night, wink wink. 
 Who knew he could be so mean? Grawr, he's got a god-awful Snape/contempt look on his face. How could you deny little miss Tonie? Now--to this point, I had been following her wishes--whatever it was they were, and a lot of them were romantic wishes toward Mr. Goddard. Soon after this though, she was getting some pretty brutal ones. I decided to keep both ends, and I even made up some more wishes of my own, for me personally of course.
Drama in Sunset Valley, there will be.


  1. Hank looks hot now. v_v
    He used to make all my simmies children look really disturbing. >_>

  2. I think I should change his name. It sounds too... Hicktown, yanno.
    Meh, I don't really plan on Tonie having kiddies with him. XD