Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bunk Bedsss!

Can I say how much I love these things? The possibilities when decorating them and around them and such is boundless.

I love them! They're probably going to be a lasting mark in every single one of my Sims' homes.
Anyway, I got bored with Tonie ( >_< ) and I even made another family for Generations, and deleted their save. It's hard for me to get attached, we'll see how this one works out.

 The first two Sims are the ones I mentioned above--the couple I made for Generations. I love Caleb so much, I had to use him again. I planned on moving Layla out, but I had an idea.

See, they have another one living with them, the bottom one, Mia Lopez. Right now, she's wanting to get with  ( modified, Lord trust me O_O ) Sinbad Rotter. Two wants for him so far -- "Skinny Dip with Sinbad Rotter", and "Ask Sign". Only one has been done, he doesn't seem keen on romantic interactions with her, but that'll change.

BUT. Ultimately, I plan on tearing Layla and Caleb apart, with Mia as the wedge. It should be fairly interesting.

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