Thursday, September 29, 2011


... is where I wish I was.
See, Shane's having a meet-and-greet at NYC tomorrow and Saturday, and dog-gone it, he's so close but so far away! If he went to Tennessee, or even Alabama that'd be nice. I might have a shot at going to see him there, but definitely not in NYC and certainly not in LA. 
That's okay, I'll have my shot one day, if I'm not the most unlucky person that ever walked the planet.
Which could be true.
In Sims related news, I haven't done a damn thing. Yay for progress! I'm such a bad Simmer.
Blame Dead Island, killing zombies is fun, even if I shit my pants every two seconds. The big zombies are scary as hell.


ALSO! The fair's coming to Hicktown, so I probably still won't be doing any Simming. I'll be risking my life on rides held together by bubble gum and duct tape.
'Cause I'm a daredevil, doncha know.


  1. What level are you on? In level idk umm 17 or 18 is what i'm on you have to defeat this one dude who turns into a thug and is fast like the sucks -.-

  2. I think I'm around the same level. I'm in the city, I've gotten into the church. I'm just helping out the people there as of now.

  3. I hate the city! I beat the game though!!! WOO! :DDD So I restarted... ._.