Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Sad D:

I've been trying to like... force another Shane Dawson dream.

Complete fail, so far. It's been... what? Three days since my first? Yeah, I know, Kaitlyn, isn't obsession scary enough while you're awake? Yeah... I want to be obsessed as I sleep as well.

Don't act like it's weird.... =/

Anyway, if anyone has tips on forcing dreams, that'd be nice. :)


  1. You have Shane Dawson dreams too!?
    I don't feel like such an oddball now. X]
    Shane Dawson+Skipper=Future Couple. <3
    (hopefully ^.^)

  2. OMG you have them too?!

    Now we have to have a battle to the death for future wife status.

    *draws sword*