Sunday, January 9, 2011


In case you haven't already noticed, Ruthless, you're being hashed big time for your recent screw up.

But of course, you know plenty about that, considering your using TMN to police the forums anyway, and they've posted plenty on your mistake and reactions of it.

So this isn't one of those "OMG what a bitch" or a "Yeah I knew the whole time she was worthlesss" thing. More of a "what were you thinking" type deal.

I mean... what were you thinking?! Posting that you monitored the troll grounds we call EA forums by using TMN on a public c-box? Did you really think anything you had to say would be private? I mean, people are pretty upset, and that includes myself. If we can't even lean on our own moderators and gurus to keep the forums safe and all that jazz, who can we lean on?

I know members on the site that would be MUCH BETTER accustomed to your position than yourself, and if you think I'm exaggerating I'm really not. You shouldn't have to use a Sims 3 GOSSIP blog for crying out loud to know how to do your job and do it right. Have some dignity!

With all my apparent "bumnuggetry"
-Crazy <3

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