Monday, January 3, 2011

Some People Needs Tah GROW UP

I've made some pretty good friends over the course of my stay at the EA forums (LIAM not being one of 'em), and Simsgal2227 is one of those people. So when RatFatCAT made that sarcastic "congratulations" thread, I just about blew a cap, lemee tell ya.

So RFC? She decided to be a bitch and post all about how egotistic she was apparently, bye fake congratulating her on her recent popular threads. 

Worst part? She denied the obvious. Denied that she was making fun of Simsgal in ALL POSSIBLE WAYS. It's like, really, what's your issue? Could you FOR ONCE just grow up? If you're gonna post something like that, OWN UP TO IT at LEAST.  

Thankfully, EA deleted the thread (near seven or more pages later, nice one, EA). 

Of course, Simsgal saw the thread, and I think she handled it well. I mean, if it were me I would be perma'd right now, to be honest. 

AND THEN people are like oh just leave him alone, you'll get banned, they just do this for amusement....blah blah blah. And I just feel like saying SHUT UP this guy/girl/other IS A BITCH and deserves to be called one, but I don't get that much amusement from a few stars. >_>


-Crazy <3


  1. Agreed x28765923478956724359628537929572.

  2. Thanks for this, CPB! I hate her SO much...

    I did handle it well, cause I've had to deal with her on other threads. And, she was showing all of her negativity there-sorta. Like, defeding herself or something...Like, "if you would've posted a good sim, I would've said so". I'm not trying to be like "I'm great", but come on! If my sims aren't unique and good enough for you-then who's are?


  3. No problem, Simsgal. She was really making me mad, and I had to defend ya. Besides, I have a back up game, so banning isn't an issue. XD

  4. Yeah, LOL.

    When I got WA for Christmas...I thought I could use that!

    Nah, it was an electronic copy that I got

    (I freaked out cause my dad installed it before giving it to me, and he doesn't know to remove mods and CC!). I was lucky though, it worked fine.

    I'm not registering my next game, though, just in case.

  5. You should put one of those chat boxes here

  6. Ohh a Gossip Blog! I love it :)
    Keep going :DD

  7. I wouldn't really call it a gossip blog. I just really wanted to get that out there.