Sunday, April 10, 2011

Short Attention Spans and Simmies

I know--I know!
It's been a while since I continued that thirty day song challenge.
But I have such a short attention span, baha.

Been kind of bored with TS3 here lately--and was all bummed that I couldn't just sneak into TS2 anymore (lost meh serial codes), BUT a certain genius told me to just google up some codes and see if any worked.

First one worked like magic--I was like:

So I've been playing TS2! Geezus, it runs so much smoother! I didn't realize how much better--because before when I played it, I played it on a dinosaur of a Dell. Now, I has lappytoppy, and things work.  Because of that, I never had an ounce of CC with it. So I've been experimenting with that. XD

I haven't set on one family yet--I've been making a new family every time I open it. I was also really surprised how ... easy it was to let go of the open neighborhood and all the customization I could do with furniture and stuff.

I've been thinking of re-creating the legacy I had back in the day--same names, same everything. It made it really far, but I haven't decided. I do have a TS3 legacy to keep up with! >_<
I dunno. It's been fun though. :)

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