Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirty Day Song Challenge! ~Day 3


HI! Today is day THREE of the epic song challenge of thirty or so days, and the challenge for today is a song that makes me HAPPY.
It's sad that I can't think of a song that depresses me faster--I had to think of things that made me happy to lead me to actual songs that made me happy.

And what makes me happier than Shane? Nothing.
So, without further ado--as if you'll be reading this mess of sentences--phrases--words--letters-- anywaay....

Last Sunday Night (Last Friday Night Parody) by Shane Dawson

There's a black guy in my bed.
There's a ringing in my head.
Empty bottles on the floor.
I tied up that Asian whore.
I should probably take a bath.
Put some ointment on my rash.
Is that a piercing on my twat?
Dont' remember gettin' that.

Pictures of last night,
Ended up online,
of me nude!

Who's that Mexican? 
Did I get hitched again?
Oh no!

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