Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thirty Day Song Challenge!

Drum roll, please? xP
Well, I saw PK doing this on her blog, and I just could NOT resist. The first challenge is "Your Most Favorite Song", so I'll be starting it off  right with some Lady Gaga.

Here lately, thanks to a certain SimCrazy (John-John!), I've been really into Gaga's music. One of my favorites of hers at the moment is definitely . . .

Wonderful Cuz I am. . .


  1. Awesume another person doing it! Much more fun when you can compare your answers each day to other people hehe

  2. It looks fun. :D Is anyone else besides you and I doing it?

  3. Apollo and Arcanalia....links to their blogs are on my blog reel.....I'll be checking everyone's daily to see what they post hehe